This past Sunday, March 6, 2011, Yeardley Love’s uniform number, one, was retired in order to honor her life. Ten months ago, the UVA women’s lacrosse player was killed in a vicious attack by suspect, George Huguely, ex-boyfriend and fellow lacrosse player. At Sunday’s game at Klockner Stadium (UVA), teammates, relatives, friends, and fans gathered to present Love’s family with a special jersey and raised a flag with her name and number.  Here is the rest of the story from the Washington Post’s article on Sunday’s remembrance.

After hearing about this tragic event last spring, many across the nation were shocked. Personally, when I heard about it I thought it was a joke. I never would have thought that a young woman who attended UVA would be in enough danger to be murder in her own apartment. But after reading various articles and blogs, I found that there were repeated signs in the relationship between Love and Huguely that she was in danger.

I came across one blogger, Ann M. Little, that lists the numerous instances of Huguely’s lashing out with rage and how “the corruption and violence of ruling-class masculinity and the failure of schools and universities to discipline and punish students who attempt to exercise this kind of privilege” is failing. There were constant acts of violence in Huguely and Love’s relationship. Why didn’t Love report this behavior to the police? Did she think that this was normal or did she fear Huguely’s wrath?

A video of the remembrance filmed by the Cavalier Insider.